Tech Support Service


At Folders we have your back when it comes to technology, IT computer services, and network support.

We believe our computer engineers are the most qualified and experienced available in the area and are required to undertake regular training to keep well-informed of new technologies. We deal with IT issues from personal computers through to design and implementation of complex server networks that support large numbers of computer users. Our clients range from home computer users to small-to-medium sized businesses, schools, local government, central government agencies, and NGO’s throughout the real Far North.

A lot of our own business growth and success can be attributed to the use of leading edge technology. Folders can add real value to your business and be your very own IT department with all the benefits large companies enjoy without the big wage bill.

Reliable IT Support

Today a successful business needs the reliability and access to the best technology. We have the resources to provide complete IT support when and where you need it whether its maintaining a small computer system or a larger server network.


Unknown.tifProfessional IT Project Management
Whether you are setting up a new computer system/network, or replacing an ageing network you can rely on Folders to provide the design and installation skills. In fact, we believe we have successfully installed more business computers and server networks in the Kaitaia area than any other provider.


Cloud services – the future of computing
If you have sufficient broadband speed Folders can take you to the Cloud with all the benefits it can provide. The cloud can deliver greater flexibility, control, backup, and security for your business.


Unknown-2.pngOffice 365
Microsoft Office 365 integrates the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote and Outlook) with Microsoft’s cloud-based service that can be accessed over the Internet 365 days a year. At Folders we use this service ourslves and its great!


securityData security, backup, and recovery
Securing your data against a cyber-attack, natural disaster, equipment failure and even deliberate or inadvertent user damage is critical to the viability of your business. From a single onsite solution to the most advanced hybrid cloud implementation, Folders will provide security solutions customised to your needs and budget.


Personal Computer Repair
A non refundable assessment fee is charged for admission to the workshop. This allows our technicians to run a range of diagnostic tests to determine the problem or problems and then they will be able to better advise cost of repair.


 Folders Service Department Fees Schedule

Assessment fee( Non refundable)$50.00Printer installation$50.00
Logistics fee (items to be sent away)$80.00Microsoft Office installation$50.00
Service department hourly rate$80.00 per hourWindows installationfrom $120.00
Onsite hourly rate$85.00 per hourInsurance assessment report fee$80.00
Travel cost$1.45 per kmLaptop screen replacement (5-10days)from $280.00
Virus/Malware removal$170.00Freeview installation*$450.00
Format/Reinstall (No Backup)$170.00Network/business server installationPOA
Format/Reinstall (With Backup)$290.00Alternative energy installationPOA
Data recovery/transfer$80-$120.00Tablet/smartphone (android) factory reset$30.00
Email setup$50.00Tablet/smartphone (apple) factory reset$50.00
Anti virus installation$50.00All prices GST inclusive (25 August 2014)


* Freeview installation fee includes satellite dish, decoder, cabling and installation. Mileage not included.

Folders Service Support Ticket

In order deliver  the best possible service to you the customer, streamline support requests, and improve turnaround times, we utilise a Customer Support Ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archive and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.

A ticket lodged goes to the department responsible with all the checks and balances that ensure a timely response. You can lodge a ticket for technical support, computer repair, request an on-site technician, check status of an product order, provide us with feedback about what we have done well or where we need to improve, or simply a general inquiry. It’s so easy!

Once a ticket is lodged you will receive emails confirming we have receieved it and keeping you informed of progress. Alternatively, you can check progress yourself by checking the status of any ticket you have lodged.

To lodge a ticket or check status of an existing ticket

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