Local Delivery & Installation

Whether you shop online, in store or by phone we have a number of options to make receiving your new purchase easy and convenient.

Far North District Only

Within the Far North District we offer enhanced delivery and installation services on selected categories. You should contact us to arrange any of the following options and confirm pricing depending on your location and any other variables.



2 People Required $30

Delivery within 2km of Store

Tier One


2 People Required $45

Delivery within Pink Area

Tier Two


2 People Required $60

Delivery within Green Area

Tier Three


2 People Required $90

Delivery within Blue Area

NOTE: The above charges for for Folders' Local Customers only. If your shipping location doesn't fall within the area above, standard online shipping charges apply. Details of these charges and services can be found here. All shipping costs can be calculated from the individual product page.




For simple drop off standard charges apply.  For additional services we offer the following service packs.


Starter TV Pack


Approximately 1.5hrs

Television delivery, installation and configuration. We will assemble, install, and connect to power and antenna sockets. We will configure your television with functionality and auto tune. We will provide a full overview and basic training on the features, and functionality. We will connect your exisiting devices such as Sky, Freeview, Blu-ray, and basic audio system.

Wall Bracket Pack


Approximately 2hrs

Applicable to 50 inch televisions and under. In addtion to the services described in our starter pack we will also mount to a wall bracket and install. We will attempt to conceal cables but not inside wall. Cost of bracket not included.

Premium Pack


Approximately 3hrs

Applicable to large televsions 50 inch and above.(if two technicians are required) In addition to the starter pack we will mount to a wall bracket and install, get home entertainment and theatre systems connected and set up and connected to TV and any other AV components, including speakers. Cost of bracket not included.

Additional services not described are available by quotation upon request.